Manual Therapy

Physical therapy is a professional health care discipline directed primarily towards the rehabilitation of movement dysfunction. A movement dysfunction is defined as "an alteration in normal body biomechanics that limits effective or efficient body performance". The movement dysfunction may be due to pain, congenital anomalies, disease processes, accident or injury, enforced activity, maladaptive postures, problems secondary to aging, or psychological/social stress. The dysfunction may be manifested in actual or potential impairment related to the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, respiratory or cardiovascular systems.

A physical therapist is qualified and allowed by his/her professional scope of practice to establish a physical diagnosis and determine a client's movement potential and plan and implement physical therapy programmes using specialised knowledge and skills for the prevention or treatment of movement dysfunction, and participate in such other professional activities such as: research, teaching, consultation and administration. Manual and/or manipulative therapy is used to restore motion when joints are restricted either due to fibrosis (stiffness) or to over activation of the muscular system. Some of these techniques include:

Passive joint mobilization

Passive joint manipulation

Positional and dynamic myofascial release

Dynamic joint manipulation combined with neuro-myofascial release

Soft tissue release - Massage

Visceral release

At RVC Rehab Services you will find physical therapists who have taken specialized training in post-graduate manual & manipulative therapy and integrate these techniques into their treatment plans.