Our Staff

Jacqui Smith

Jacqui Smith is Cayman's first Physical Therapist and has been a childbirth educator and therapist for over 30 years. She is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, (LCCE), Certified Doula (DONA International) an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a trained Post-partum Doula. As a physical therapist (while not limited to), she is certified in Women's Health: GYN and Wellness and she is a Certified Instructor in Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise training.

Jacqui has also been trained by Dr. Stanley Paris, PT (USA) in Spinal Evaluation and Manipulation and by John Barnes, PT in Myofascial Release and Mobilizations focusing on Lumbo-Pelvic problems seen in women. She attends at least two major international conferences annually for continued education so as to keep current with evidenced-based information in her related fields.

Uma Lenin

Uma Lenin, Bpt, M.D [Acu - Puncture] Registered Physiotherapist/Doctor in Alternative Medicine

A graduate of Physical Therapy, Uma is an active clinical physiotherapist. Her interest towards alternative medicine inspired her to pursue Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine with a sound knowledge in Acupuncture.

Uma is a dedicated member of the RVC Rehab Services team at the Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital

Uma specializes in Physical Therapy & Acupuncture treatment for people with Chronic Back pain, Sinusitis, Depression, Ante/Post Natal care, Post Operative, Neuro Rehab and Musculo–Skeletal problems by performing:
Assessment of joint and muscle problems

Creative hands-on treatment

Active exercise programs as treatment and prevention

Education in self-pain management

Advice on modifying activities to prevent re-injury

Ergonomic advice

Tenson Edmonds, PT

Tenson has been a practicing Physical Therapist since 2002 in areas such as: orthopaedics, neuromuscular conditions and respiratory therapy. He has worked with all population groups, however, he especially enjoys working with children and athletes.

Tenson is also a member of Jamaica's Amateur Athletic Association.

Lisa Cummins, PT

Lisa is a dynamic physiotherapist involved in all aspects of day to day service at RVC Rehab Services. Graduating from Florida International University in 1999, Lisa’s main areas of practice are outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation, inpatient postoperative care, and advanced cardiac rehabilitation. At heart, she enjoys working with the ‘golden age’ patient population who benefit from physiotherapy intervention to recover from an injury and encourage a better lifestyle to enhance quality of life & longevity.

Lisa also handles promotion and distribution of high quality rehabilitation products such as BIOFREEZE, THERABAND, THERAPEARL and KINESIO.

SPECIAL INTERESTS: at present, Lisa is working on incorporating the use of Hyppotherapy (hippo = horse) as a treatment strategy to address deficiencies in gait, balance, core control and coordination, in children and adults. As a member of the American Hyppotherapy Association (AHA http://www.americanhippotherapyassociation.org/), Lisa is joining other members of the rehabilitative community in Cayman to offer an array of Equine Assisted Therapies and activities.

Tajel Small

Tajel is the Patient Services Coordinator at RVC Rehab Services. She is a bright face encountered as you walk into the clinic, and the friendly confirming voice that calls to ensure you are on the spot for your sessions.

An aspiring Physiotherapist at heart, Tajel is keen in providing personalized patient service, and will facilitate your experience at RVC Rehab Services for a smooth flow from start to finish.

In the near future, Tajel will migrate to pursue her studies, and looks forward to returning as a full-fledged professional to give back to her beloved Cayman Islands community.

Nick O'Connor

Nick is a Physiotherapist Assistant at RVC Rehab Services. He is the diligent and sharp guide that aids in various aspects of your rehabilitation journey: from paperwork formalities to exercise guidance, Nick ensures a smooth overall experience.

Having completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Pre-Physiotherapy and soon to follow his Doctorate of Physiotherapy degree, Nick aims to provide the highest quality of rehabilitative care for the people of the Cayman Islands.