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Proud To Be Part Of The Tomlinson Family Group Of Companies

Welcome to Family Physiotherapy
& Chiropractic in Cayman

Our family physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics in the Cayman Islands administer quality updated treatment and care for motor vehicle accident injuries, work-related injuries, general orthopaedic, arthritic and neurological conditions and sports injuries. we also provide acupuncture, athletic taping, orthoses and women health services, including lamaze childbirth classes, birth doula, and lactation consultation services for our patients. for optimum patient care, our sister company beyond basics medical day spa offers all the aesthetic treatments, laser hair removal and rejuvenation services our clients need.

“Over 40 years of serving our community as leaders in the field of Physical Therapy.”

Why Us?


Our focus is on your results. Our journey together is focused entirely on you and your wellness. Through client centred attention on treatments and techniques our aim for you is to recover from injury and achieve improved flexibility with pain free movement. So we help you get better, faster.


Cayman’s First Physiotherapy Practise – Family Owned and Operated since 1985. Improving lifestyles for over 40 years. As Specialists in our field we are trusted, established, and recognised as some of Cayman’s finest medical pioneers.


Our team of Doctors & Specialists are directed by Jacqui Tomlinson Smith M.B.E who received her M.B.E in the National Heroes Day celebrations of 2003 for her commitment to Health Care in the Cayman Islands throughout her career. Recognised for her constant commitment to improvement, both through education and certification, proves that RVC is committed to groundbreaking treatments, therapies, and state of the art technology & equipment.


Our patients each have access to some of the most sophisticated machines, devices and treatments available in the Caribbean today. Our groundbreaking therapy equipment mean that both of our clinic locations can provide you with the best of the best. From diagnostic & therapeutic ultrasound, ultraviolet sauna, to shock wave treatments and much more, all geared to aid the recovery of our patients.

LED and Multi-radiance laser therapy as well as an outdoor heated pool.

Happy Patients

We believe word of mouth is the best recommendation. A commitment to our patients wellness means we at

RVC receive superb feedback all the time, and we are proud to produce results that keep our patients happy and well.


Our specialised team, 2 locations and 9am-6pm opening hours means the speed with which we are able to treat, cure and therefore discharge patients, means we are able to offer more than 90% of our patients an appointment within 24-48 hrs.


We believe that everyone has the ability to be a champion, both personally and professionally. That’s why we employ Cayman’s finest. We want to help you redefine your own peak performance. We hire champions who are exceptional in their field of expertise, So you can expect the best for you and your body.

Our Mission

To provide uncompromising quality service through individually designed programs to meet each client’s needs and to furnish them with the proper and adequate tools to care for themselves;  while providing an environment that stimulates health , happiness , and education not only for our clients, but also for our employees.

Our Vision

To focus on the most important component in therapy, the patient. We aim to accomplish this through thorough assessment, comprehensive treatment, and thoughtful discharge planning, involving the client, their family and any caregivers

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  • “As an athlete, I was referred here but was skeptical about coming. After the firsts two sessions, I felt less pain and then after three or four more sessions I was able to train again. As an athlete I have been to many physiotherapy offices and I wouldn’t recommend anyone anywhere else but to come here".

    Rhonique McLaughlin
  • “I like it at RVC. The treatment is very good and it definitely helps. I thought it would be a boring experience but it’s cool".

    Pierce Terry
  • “My experience has been quiet a journey. When I arrived I was not able to lift my arm without crying. I am thrilled with the results so far and the care and compassion of the people that work here has been exceptional. I like the atmosphere here as it aids in the process. It has not been an easy journey but the results are there and the support has been outstanding.”

    Vicky Girling
  • "Working as a Chef for many years, standing on my feet most of the day and working in a high stress environment, I have had my share of sore muscles, aches and pains, as well as injuries.

    Receiving consistent chiropractic care with Dr. Anthony DeWald has drastically changed my overall well-being.

    He has helped me to heal and relieve previous injuries as well as maintain my health moving forward.

    I would personally recommend Dr. DeWald to anyone in any need of proactive health care, pain relief, or anyone dealing with the recovery from painful injuries.

    Can’t wait to see him next month!"

    Remy Azavedo Chef/Owner Bombay Chopsticks



Manual Therapy


Chiropractic Services


Sports Massage Therapy


Multi Radiance Laser


Miracle Wave Therapy


Exercise Instruction


Posture & Movement Training


Childbirth, Breastfeeding & Doula services


Women’s Health Therapy


Therapeutic Ultrasound




Electric Stimulation Therapy


In Pain?


Neck Pain


Back Pain


Hip Pain


Shoulder Pain






Plantar Fasciitis

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Carpal Tunnel Specialist


Knee Pain


Women’s Health


Scoliosis Specialist















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Meet the Team


Jacqui Tomlinson-Smith

Jacqui Tomlinson-Smith is a trained physical therapist, doula, childbirth educator and lactation consultant and owns Beyond Basics Medical Day Spa and RVC Rehab Services. She was the island’s first physical therapist, doula and Lamaze educator, and set up physical therapy and formal childbirth education in the Cayman Islands. Jacqui was awarded an MBE in 2003 in recognition of her work with handicapped children, contribution to education, and fundraising for the new George Town Public Library.


Uma Lenin

Uma Lenin BPT, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai, India Diploma in Acupuncture, Doctorate in Alternative Medicine

Uma pursued her degree in Physiotherapy at SRMC and brings over 14 years of experience in pain management using variety of techniques. • Uma was fascinated with helping others using traditional treatments. Her studies in alternative medicine complements well with her practice to enhance the experience on pain management. • With experience gained from an Orthopedic and Trauma Care Unit, Uma provides pre & post operation rehabilitation, cardio pulmonary treatment, prenatal and postpartum exercises, consults on weight management. • With a myriad of qualifications under her belt, Uma specializes in hand therapy, CRPS, Acupuncture, Vertigo Sinusitis. • Uma practice Pilates, Kinesio taping and Core strengthening.

Dr. Ivan Ronaldo

Dr. Ivan Ronaldo is a British educated Chiropractor, registered with General Chiropractic Council in the U.K. He is originally from Indonesia however, Dr. Ronaldo has lived in the Cayman Islands since 2013. Dr. Ronaldo primarily works with patients that seek chiropractic care due to sports and work-related injuries, however, he enjoys treating patients of all ages and from all walks of life.

Dr. Ronaldo’s goal with every chiropractic patient is to restore normal joint function enabling them to live a full and active life. Chiropractic care is effectively utilized to treat neck pain, back pain, sciatica, headaches, radiculopathy, and other musculoskeletal symptoms.

Dr. Ronaldo prides himself on treating every patient with respect, consideration, and attentiveness.


Tajel Small

Tajel a young Caymanian , who did job experience , has decided to become a physical therapist and gone to Sheffield Hallam University to pursue a Masters in Physical Therapy.



Shev graduated with a B.Sc. in physical therapy in Jamaica from the University of the West Indies in 2019. Following graduation, he worked with the South East Regional Health Authority where he rotated through a myriad of different specialties. He has gained experience in cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation.

So, from assessing different conditions, to developing evidence-based treatment prescriptions and leading individual therapy sessions, Shev’s background has equipped him to be efficient in his role as physiotherapist.

In addition to this, he is a firm believer that effective physiotherapy, is one that establishes a partnership between the therapist, patient and their families. Therefore, patient’s wants and needs are to be respected; and patients have the necessary education and support they need to make decisions and participate in their own care.

Shev is passionate about movement. Consequently, in his free time he participates in a fitness club, as he believes, ‘Movement is Medicine’.

Shev looks forward to sharing his knowledge and medical expertise with you the people of Cayman Islands. Relieving your pain; Improving your movement; Maximizing your Quality of life.



Tomlinson Building, 3rd floor


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