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Hello and Welcome… It gives me great pleasure to Welcome you to the new home of RVC on line.

How things have changed since I started in this field 42 years ago, as Cayman’s first physical therapist! Websites were unheard of and it was all about word of mouth and tell a friend. While I believe that still is the best form of referral and way to grow your business, the new age with all its technology and the social media has forced us all to “get with the programme”, as we would say in Cayman. So, welcome to the new home of RVC on Line!

Our new website reflects the beautiful fresh look of our business. It will introduce you all the facets of RVC,
while keeping you right up to date with all the new things happening, as they occur.
We are excited to offer you some new, groundbreaking services as well as educate our patients further
about some of the pioneering technology and therapies available to you right here on island at RVC Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Services.

What a year it’s been! Hasn’t it just flown by? Imagine we are just weeks away from 2018!
2017 Has been a year for massive growth for us both personally and professionally. It’s meant a huge amount of hard work not just from myself but my entire team.
The dedication we have seen has been so up- lifting. I’d like to share with you, some of the key things that have made this year so eventful.

Our New Home – breathing new air into our family business of over 42 years – Tomlinson Furniture – what started as Mama & Daddy’s humbled “little house turned store” on the corner of Hospital Road and Walkers Road, has now evolved and grown into a purpose built property, boasting 3 floors with an elevator for easy access, and lots of parking. Each floor is filled with products and services to make life in the Cayman Islands more enjoyable. Tomlinson Furniture & the Mattress Gallery are homed on the 1st & 2nd floor, with Beyond Basics Medical Day Spa and RVC Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Services on the 3rd floor.

Our New Name – RVC Rehab Services is happy to be able to offer not just a myriad of physiotherapy services but once again to include Chiropractic to accommodate the growing needs of our patients . This allows us to better serve the people we love, and help restore you to function faster. Hence our new logo!

Our New Chiropractor – We are thrilled to have Dr. Anthony Dewald join us from Pensilvania, USA. Dr. Anthony and his family have adjusted well to the island and he is passionate about a wholistic approach to family health and wellness. Please read his educational bi-monthly blogs in the local Cayman Reporter.

Our New Physiotherapist – we recently welcomed Venice , who hails from the Philippines (see bio under staff). Venice has become one of the friendly faces at CTMH Doctors Hospital where our original practise continues to operate for In-patients and Out-Patients of the hospital, and for our regular patients who like this established location. She is the therapist with whom all you early bird patients can book with should you prefer having therapy before going to work. She also sees all our in- patients at CTMH Doctor’s Hospital.

Our New On-Line Appointment Facility – Book an appointment on line – now for the first time you can access our website and contact us directly to book an appointment. Our contact team will automatically reach out and respond to schedule the earliest available appointment for you. It’s an exciting new addition to our website as we endeavour to meet the needs of our team of clinics, and make life easier for our patients.

Our New Website – brings everyone and everything together in one place. We hope you find it informative, easy to understand and navigate. We hope you find it easy to use, helpful and most of all convenient. We welcome your feedback.

Thank you for growing with us over the years – and here’s to another 40 years of creating Healthy Lifestyles for our patients in the Cayman Islands!

On behalf of my brilliant team and I, we look forward to seeing you soon at RVC Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Services at either of our two locations, or in one of the Tomlinson Family Group of Companies.

Wishing you Good Health and Wellness!

Warm regards,

Jacqui Tomlinson-Smith , MBE, PT, LCCE, CD(DONA)
Managing Director

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